Ed’s Editions

I went to West Columbia, South Carolina to discover a small bookstore called Ed’s Editions. This bookstore is one I have seen in the past in passing but never went inside to search the store for what goodies I may find. Today I went to take photos and look around. Here is what I found out about them:

  1. They opened their doors in 2001 (which is just 17 years ago!)
  2. This store is for used and collectible books
  3. They are two rooms full of books in a small ‘strip mall’
  4. One room used to be a pharmacy
  5. Both rooms still have the original molding on the ceiling from when the building was built
  6. They have a treehouse in the back! Who doesn’t love this idea?

I completely adored this bookstore from the moment I walked into Ed’s Editions to the moment I left. The staff was totally nice and was willing to let me walk around to take photos and they even offered up pieces of what is in the store to note. I even walked out with a signed book! Which only cost me $10! That is a bargain to me.

I can honestly say you should visit this store and all the goodies it has to offer.

Their website is http://www.edseditions.com/?page=shop/index

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