Books on Broad

I traveled to Camden, South Carolina today to find a small bookstore in historic downtown Camden. This bookstore was established in June of 2012 according to their Facebook page. I can honestly say I liked the interior of the bookstore. I really liked that the coffee shop was in the back and not the centerpiece of the store.

I, unfortunately, did not buy any coffee or books while I was there but I did love the atmosphere of the store. The gentleman at the register did not know much about the store but he did say that he knew it was a book storage until they opened the bookstore. The front and back rooms hold the older books and the middle room holds the more modern books.

I will be back to do a full visit. One where I buy a book or maybe even a coffee and see how the store is but other than that I enjoyed the visit and the cashier was nice. This bookstore is on my radar from here on out.

Their website is

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