Why I Read

I started reading at a young age. So young that I don’t even remember my first book. I do have this one vivid memory from when I was in elementary school. I was sitting in a corner reading a book and I raised my hand to ask my teacher a question. She told me she would be right back and went to help another student. I sat there reading for a while longer and then realized she never answered my question so I grabbed her attention again. I remember her rushing over and saying “I’m so sorry! I completely forgot! You are just so quiet.”

Now memories change over time so this could have been totally different when it happened but this is what I remember. My mother agrees that I was a quiet kid until I found my voice in middle school. Now she says I can’t shut up. I agree unless I have a good book then I want the world to hush. Which every adult knows it doesn’t happen like that sadly but I digress.

I read to escape the world around me. I am a college kid that has stress upon stress upon stress going on around me and reading can help escape that stress. Now I do have to put something off or plan very carefully so that I can read but I still do it. It is a balancing act. I read because I would rather not spend a thing and still travel to other worlds and dimensions than sit at home mindlessly watching tv. (Though I am hooked on Stranger Things.) I prefer to surround myself with a pile of the impossible to be read pile than surround myself with books that I have already read. (There is an article about that somewhere. I think my uncle shared it with me.)

All of these things make reading more appealing to me than ever before and I write this blog to share that love with you. 🙂





Article: https://www.inc.com/jessica-stillman/why-you-should-stop-feeling-bad-about-all-those-books-you-buy-dont-read.html

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