Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil


“If you go to Atlanta, the first question people ask you is, ‘What’s your business?’ In Macon, they ask, ‘Where do you go to Church?’ In Augusta, they ask your grandmother’s maiden name. But in Savannah, the first question people ask you is ‘What would you like to drink?'”

This book encompasses the south in its whole in chapter 3. When she discusses having to d her makeup and watch her soaps while she drives one and a half hours away really strikes true because I couldn’t tell you how many women actually do that where I live.

It even goes on to explain how stuck in their ways Savannah is and it is true almost forty years later how stuck the south is. This book encompasses the south so well while going over the events that happened that fateful night. It is crazy to think that such a small book can tell a whole story the way it did.

I loved this book and I do not really know what else I can tell you without spoilers so this next piece will have spoilers.

First of all, this guy must be really friendly to go around meeting the people he did or they were very open to the idea of meeting new people even if they were stuck in their southern ways. Second, this man met a murderer who was the first person in history to get tried four times and was supposedly lying according to some of the people. Last, this book is amazing. I loved it!

Five stars! Five stars! 🙂

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