All The Light There Was


I picked up this book because I love novels set in WWII. It was an added bonus that it was also set in Paris. Now I can tell you I absolutely loved this book and will recommend it to anyone and everyone who likes Paris or WWII novels but I have to warn you from here on it is spoiler central.

The main character went through some changes that I will admit if I had been her age I don’t think I could have done. She loses three people she loves throughout the time span this book. She has to talk her mother into coming back to them after her aunt dies because her mother loses her best friend and reason to live. Then as the war ends she finds out the man she held out for and was hoping would return died which was utterly heartbreaking.

Now the heartbreak does not end there. She marries the older brother and has a child only for the older brother to kill himself after ‘his duty is fulfilled.’ Then finally she marries the man she fell in love with towards the end of the war even though she thought it was wrong because he wasn’t her first love. This book has you on a path of ups and downs and takes you along with its heartbreaks.

I cannot help but recommend this book to those that love war books. 🙂

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