I bought this book because I enjoyed The Cellar by Natasha but this book was not as great as that one for me. It left a little to be desired when she said she couldn’t remember before four years old. I don’t know about you but I cannot remember before four. It would have been better if the age timeline had been different. That and the boyfriend obviously is creepy and the girl is kind of childlike at 16.

Other than that this book was pretty good. The cult factor made it better for me since I am into things like Waco and Manson. So that made me enjoy this book a little more than most probably. I don’t recommend this book if the two or three factors will make or break it for you. I hope the next book I read by her is a little bit better.



I give this book four stars.

2 thoughts on “Awake

  1. Love the book review and your honesty about it not being that good. I’m looking for some new books to read for a spring vacation. Do you have any recommendations?

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