A Court of Thorns and Roses


This book was absolutely amazing. I loved it! Sarah J. Maas is now one of my favorite authors. I have read almost all of The Thron of Glass series. When I added this book to my to be read pile I did not look at the author’s name.

This story is something else. I started reading it and decided to give it a chance past the first chapter. I got through that chapter and was suddenly hooked. A day later I have finished the book. Feyre is such an amazing character and the twist at the end that she has to live with is harsh. I cannot wait to see what happens to her in the second book. My friend kind of spoiled how Tamlin acts in the third book when she saw this one in my hand but I still hold out hope since he seems to be so good to Feyre.

This series is going to be something else I really hope.






Five out of five stars! 🙂

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