Dreaded Reading Slump

I fell into the dreaded reading slump. I find myself reading book after book and grabbing the next one with no issue but dang if the reading slump doesn’t creep up on me. I read When Dimple Met Rishi (totally recommend 12/10) and it screwed me up. No book is cute enough or has that This is Us (TV show) feel to it. Then my mother got me hooked on this new TV show on Lifetime called You which is about an obsessive bookseller and an aspiring writer. Now finding that one book is even harder. I hunt the tbr pile on my bookshelves hoping and wishing for one to call out.

This slump just took a turn and I can’t get out of it. D:

I need recommendations! I need that down to earth home-y feeling in a book or a book that has an obsessive bookseller/writer to help quench my need for these TV shows. I am on the hunt and need your help! I need that perfect book to help climb me back out of this hole I have unfortunately found myself in.

So, please comment below or find me on twitter and recommend away!

3 thoughts on “Dreaded Reading Slump

  1. You know You is based on a book! I was afraid I would have a reading slump after Strange the Dreamer so I picked up another awesome book. My advice is that you try a different genre or something light and fast paced. The Lying Game (by the author who wrote Pretty Little Liars) got me out of my last reading slump.


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