Hello everyone! It has been a while but I am back and wanted to rave about this book. I bought it after I watched the Netflix series because I really wanted to read this unique book. It is about a bookseller who becomes obsessed with this aspiring writer. Which appeals to me greatly since I read and write. I just loved the idea of it. It was something new and something I had never heard of before the tv series.

I won’t lie it sat on my shelf for a while because I really didn’t want to ruin the tv show or book becuase one didn’t complement the other. I will say I am pleasantly surprised with how well they stayed with the story. They kept to it really well. The only major differences is the kid in the apartment building and how some of the people (spoiler alert!) died.

Now this is where you stop reading if you don’t want spoilers.

It really goes into his thoughts and what he thinks. It isn’t so immersive in both of them but in him. Which I like better because he doesn’t seem so personable and more obsessive where the tv show made him seem more friendly. He doesn’t have the kid in the apartment building he is helping out so that makes him seem less nice and makes you more aware of his crazy tendencies. The timeline shortens which is to be expected. You don’t have about 12 hours of television to tell a story. You have about 400 pages to tell the whole thing. You can be more or less descriptive of what is going on. Focus on what you want to instead of the whole picture. All in all this book was spot on and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. I started reading the sequel and can’t wait to see what they do for season 2 of this on Netflix.

Five out of five stars!

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