Aurora Rising

I really liked this book. I had been holding off on reading it for a while. I can see the flaws in this book that most people probably hated like the fact the Alpha is shown as a pair of dimples throughout the book. A lot of times instead of focusing on his knowledge that is claimed in parts of the book they just put he smiles with full dimples on display like that gets people everywhere. I will give them props for the twist with Cat but taking her out of the team seems a little harsh. She wasn’t my favorite character but I didn’t hate her towards the end. I have a feeling she makes a come back though. Something in my gut maybe.

I have to say of all the characters I think I like Fin the most. Fin draws me in with the hints of bisexuality and his sarcasm. Sarcasm is my superpower if you know me personally. All in all I really liked the book. I really wish there was more science fiction in young adult I can read. I probably haven’t found them yet right?

My only parting words to this are that I loved the Illuminae series a lot more. Maybe that will change with Aurora Burning.

Five out of five stars!

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