June Wrap-Up

Another Pride Month draws to an end. This month has been something else and we have really seen a lot of history begin to happen. I hope you remember that Black Lives Matter and that we begin to see the problems that Native Americans face daily with the rise of their protests and voices. Being Native American myself I hope you all back both with a fierceness that any racist should fear.

Here are the books I read for June 2020!

Dreaded Reading Slump

I fell into the dreaded reading slump. I find myself reading book after book and grabbing the next one with no issue but dang if the reading slump doesn’t creep up on me. I read When Dimple Met Rishi (totally recommend 12/10) and it screwed me up. No book is cute enough or has that This is Us (TV show) feel to it. Then my mother got me hooked on this new TV show on Lifetime called You which is about an obsessive bookseller and an aspiring writer. Now finding that one book is even harder. I hunt the tbr pile on my bookshelves hoping and wishing for one to call out.

This slump just took a turn and I can’t get out of it. D:

I need recommendations! I need that down to earth home-y feeling in a book or a book that has an obsessive bookseller/writer to help quench my need for these TV shows. I am on the hunt and need your help! I need that perfect book to help climb me back out of this hole I have unfortunately found myself in.

So, please comment below or find me on twitter and recommend away!

The Darkest Minds Movie

Spoilers ahead so don’t step any farther if you don’t want those!

This movie was really anticipated for me. I was really excited to see it and went on opening day. But it disappointed me. There was a couple of characters missing. Some of the scenes were portrayed wrong. This movie was also poorly made. It was really B rated to me. I was hoping for the best and got the second best.

It was definitely quickly made. It wasn’t a horrible movie but I really wish it had been better. I was just disappointed by what happened to this amazing book.

ARC August

So we all know what time of the year it is right? It is where everyone reads their ARC’s for a whole month and lowers the TBR pile! I have about six ARC’s I am going to read for the month of August. (My birth month! :D)

  1. Furyborn by Claire Legrand
  2. Broken Things by Lauren Oliver
  3. Ghosted by Rosie Walsh
  4. The Lost Queen by Signe Pike
  5. The French Girl by Lexie Elliott
  6. Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens

BONUS: As I finish certain books I will give you the option to win one of them! It is open internationally!


Color Project

I did this color project for The Astonishing Color of after but also for pride month. Everyone knows the colorful flag as what it is Pride. But other than showing support in the form of colorful emblems and emoji’s I haven’t seen any projects that use colors to express feelings and memories. They haven’t taken the step beyond.

With this project, I took it a step further and took an idea from a book and tried to make the flag a real possibility. Something I hope next year to see more people doing or even the next couple of months. You don’t need an actual month to support it. You can do it when no one is looking and when no one expects it. I find myself surrounded by straights and LGBTQ people since I am part of the LGBTQ family.

These three colors were chosen by me because they are my favorite colors out of all the ones I could have chosen. That and I wanted to see if I could pick things that aren’t on the Pride flag but is in our everyday lives. Something we can see and relate to in different ways and in different memories. This was my project to share with you and I hope you enjoyed it.



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The Nerdy Elite

Something Black


Ah, the color (or if you truly know it as a shade) black. This color is usually associated with deep thoughts and funerals. In my case, this color means nighttime and peaceful thoughts.

The color black for me always has a tinge of blue or grey when I think of it. I automatically think of the night sky. Nighttime is usually when I am the most awake and find the world at peace. Nighttime is usually when I have the best thoughts of things and clear my head. It is usually when friends come over to go for a drive with music low just to talk about anything and nothing. This is when the best bonds are made in my opinion.

Think of a color you associate with a certain way and tell me in the comments what else it could mean. 🙂

Something Borrowed

Personally, I use libraries to read most of the books I want. It is cheaper on me to do this than to go out and buy books. I know some people don’t like it because its borrowed books and anything could happen. But I have had no issues borrowing books. They personally check each book as it comes in at my library which makes me feel safe from things that could come from someones home.

This isn’t everyone’s forte. But if I do buy books unless I want a certain new book I also go to a used bookstore. This is where I can get, usually, a good condition book for a better price. Sometimes people get brand new books and then right when they are done take it to a used bookstore.

Tell me what you prefer in the comments below!

Going through my TBR

Something I noticed going through my to be read on Goodreads was that a couple of books that I had read got put into my to be read pile! This is a little upsetting since I thought I was diligently putting books in the right places. Come to find out I mislabel them sometimes. 😦

Does anyone else do this? Or has anyone else notice they have done this?

A Month of Poetry Blog Tour

One of the topics YA Indulgences brought to light that I am discussing today is What Poetry Means to Me.
So let us begin! 🙂
Poetry is not something I used to write. I use to write full stories or short stories but here recently I find it easier to write a poem to quickly get a story across. My uncle writes poetry so he pushes me to do better and to be better. He is an inspiration I have in my life to continue writing.
Poetry can be like writing a journal for me. Certain times in my life can be found in a poem I write. Even if a poem is not ‘perfect’ I can still keep it for later so I can refine it or have my uncle look at it.
Poetry means an escape for me since I can lose myself in writing and thinking. It is something I drew myself into slowly. Something I have slowly been opening up to other people about. Something I have been slowly publishing in various small things. Maybe one day I can be comfortable enough in my escape to share it with others so they can lose themselves in the story. I would love for poetry to mean something to other people as much as it does to me.
An example of my poetry:
Black Panther
We stand in front of the theater,
explaining to my friend
the social inequalities of gender and race.
One friend tells him his biracial cousin
was shot by a cop.
He stares at us, his deadpan expression.
The wonderful lady who set this blog tour up 🙂

March Wrap Up

This month I outdid myself and read a lot of books! I am kind of proud of it but at the same time realize I had spring break during this month so I had a week of no homework that I could read during. Without further ado here is my list for March.

  1. Waiting for Godot
  2. Mrs. Sherlock Holmes
  3. Ride Hard
  4. All the Light We Cannot See
  5. Murder on the Orient Express
  6. Illuminae
  7. Gemina
  8. Obsidio