Wrapping up January

In January I read five books.

  1. Broken Harbor
  2. The Dazzling Heights
  3. The Trespasser
  4. Theft by Finding
  5. The Hate U Give

My hope for the next couple of months is to get halfway through my reading challenge of 90 books. I also read two books for Shelflove Crate’s challenge. The two books were Theft by Finding and The Hate U Give.

I also visited five bookstores which can be found on my blog under Top Five Bookstores.

Here is the hope of many more books read and many more bookstores visited!

Theft By Finding


I got David Sedaris’ Me Talk Pretty One Day for Christmas one year. My uncle always expands my reading with new authors and books. But this one stuck out and became my favorite book next to Jane Eyre. So when I saw that he had a new book called Theft By Finding at the library I grabbed it and got ready to read.

David Sedaris has his own writing style that I absolutely love. He sometimes makes sense and other doesn’t. But what never changes is that he is endlessly funny. He can put a very good book together.

This book is striking for me because David Sedaris gives us a look at his life and the changes in his writing style as he grows older. From his beginnings as an adult avoiding bills to him realizing how old he looks while making a mess in an airplane. He captures it all within this book.

The three memories that I recall vividly have to be the entry where he is a professor in Chicago, his entry about seeing a guy run two cops over, and his entry on him being in France when 9/11 happened and the after effects. These three entries struck me more than any others and I can’t say much more or else I will have given way more spoilers than I would like to.

But honestly, this book is now one of my favorites next to Me Talk Pretty One Day.