How to Make Friends with the Dark

This book is heart-wrenching and you just can’t help but feel it all. The author did a really good job writing this book. I will definitely say to step back and take a break from this book regularly. It does take a toll when you read it. I had to stop every 50 pages or so with some of the topics that are brought up in the book. Some of it was triggering for me which made this book hit a little harder than usual.

Let me also give you a heads up to the tears that will fall towards the end of this book. The rest of the story is sad but the ending hits a little differently and tears will spring forward a little quicker than you anticipate. Also, do yourself a service and read the author’s note. I usually just skim these but something made me actually read this one and I loved it. It was a nice come down from the book for me.

I will say this book was a nice read for Mental Health Awareness month. It is May and the hashtag is #breakthestigma. Find something to enjoy or someone to share with and enjoy life to its fullest. Be kind to yourself and others and remember to always practice self care.

Five out of five stars. Cheers.

My So-Called Bollywood Life

I have had this book on my TBR list for a while and was really happy when I found it in a used bookstore. Like any other person that collects too many books it sat in a pile for a while. I am glad I finally got around to reading it. I enjoyed the story and I enjoyed the main character Winnie Mehta.

If you enjoy watching movies and know actors and actresses this book will really pique your interest. I will say that there were some parts of the story that you can see coming from a mile away but there are also some parts that surprise you and give you warm fuzzy feelings. This book is definitely something I would love to give to a middle school girl and hope she loves it as much as I did.

Four out of Five stars!

The Boyfriend Project

Out July 9, 2020

I could not sing enough praises for this book! I picked it out for my May book of the month box and I couldn’t have been more satisfied in my life of my pick! This book is absolutely stunning and draws you in from the moment you start reading it. The author did an amazing job writing this book and I am so happy she did!

The moment I started reading it I was hooked and carrying it around my house to get even a sentence in between all that I need to do. This book is relatable and enamoring. The main character Samiah is amazing and perfect and encompasses a woman’s sassiness to the 100th degree. You can’t help but to be wrapped up in her personality and everything that happens. Everything that happens from the first chapter to the last is page turning and captivating. I couldn’t endorse a book more fully in my life.

Five out of five stars and a big standing ovation for this author!

Suicide Notes

I picked this book up at Books A Million on a whim. Since we are all stuck at home I decided to go grab a couple of books and this was one of them I found. This book was very strange in the beginning but oddly I kept reading. It keeps you wanting to know more in a strange way. Halfway through the book is when the emotions really hit though. You are pretty much in the dark until the character decides to stop lying to himself and the reader.

I wasn’t prepared for the LGBTQ representation. You get hints of it about halfway through but its not majorly talked about from what I have seen in reviews. I have to say I enjoyed the representation and how the author brought it in. I love the subtle books that nonchalantly bring it in and bam there it is. I highly recommend this book. I can’t say much more without giving the book away since I loved it so much I couldn’t put it down. Go down to the bookstore or get it offline and read it. Then I encourage you to come back and tell me what you thought!