I saw this book on Twitter one day and the cover made me curious so I went to Goodreads to ready the synopsis. Put it in my tbr pile and didn’t think I would get it soon. One of my many trips to the bookstore lately brought me to the book and I snatched it up. I should be staying home but I don’t do ebooks really well since the screen irritates my eyes after an hour.

Back to the book at hand. I absolutely loved this book. It does have a lot of “political” views in it. But this book is definitely something that will go down in history like The Hate You Give. It has that level of breakdown to it and the main character uses political movements that people know to create understanding. She brought in NoDAPL and I couldn’t be happier she did. This book is about muslims and it is trying to create awareness to how things are going for them and some of the paragraphs really hit home for the times we are in as well. It is actually pretty scary and true.

I cannot express how much I want everyone to read this that has it sitting on their tbr pile. Maybe this is the first time you are seeing it and thats ok I still say go out and get it. But, go into this book with an open mind and understand that until you are in someone else’s shoes you cannot know their journey or what they have been through. Be mindful and bring a box of tissues.

Five out of five stars!