The Witch House Blog Tour

Who can you trust, if you can’t trust yourself?

Alice Hunter, grieving and troubled after a breakdown, stumbles on the body of her friend and trustee, Harry Rook. The police determine he has been ritually murdered and suspicion falls on the vulnerable Alice, who inherited the place known locally as The Witch House from her grandmother, late High Priestess of the local coven.

When the investigations turn up more evidence, and it all seems to point to Alice, even she begins to doubt herself.

Can she find the courage to confront the secrets and lies at the heart of her family and community to uncover the truth, prove her sanity, and clear herself of murder?

My Review:

First of all I want to give trigger warnings for the mental health concerns in this book. I know that trigger warnings are always a great start to any review. This book is a mystery through and through along with a bit of a thriller aspect but Alice can be unreliable depending on how you interpret the story. It has a very Flowers in the Attic feel with some Brittney Spears (if you know what is suspected of going on there). The characters are iffy to me. I only liked a select few and the professor was a great character. All together it is a really good story and I enjoyed it but there were some things wrong. I give it four out of five stars. 🙂


Ann Rawson has long been addicted to story. As a child she longed to learn to read because she knew there was magic in those pages, the inky squiggles that turned into words and became images in her head – the stories that could transport her away from the everyday. As she grew older, she divined there was truth in books too. They were a glimpse into other minds. Her reading became the foundation of a deep and abiding interest in what makes people tick – and so she soon became hooked on crime fiction.

Age ten, she wrote to Malcolm Saville, author of the Lone Pine Series, enclosing her first short story. He wrote back and encouraged her to continue writing – and she is heartbroken that the letter is long lost. His book, Lone Pine Five, sparked a lifelong interest in archaeology, as it mentions the Mildenhall Treasure which makes an appearance in The Witch House.

A lapsed witch with enduring pagan tendencies, she lives on the south coast. She still thinks of herself as a Northerner, although she’s been in exile for many years. Almost every day she walks on the Downs or the white cliffs with her husband, plotting her next novel while he designs computer systems.

Ann’s debut novel, A Savage Art was published by Fahrenheit Press in 2016. She has published some short fiction, and in 2019 her memoir piece If… was shortlisted for the Fish Short Memoir Prize.

She is currently completing a memoir and working on her third novel.

You can follow her on Twitter @AE_Rawson (where she doesn’t go far, to be honest), find her Facebook page at, and her blog is at

June Wrap-Up

Another Pride Month draws to an end. This month has been something else and we have really seen a lot of history begin to happen. I hope you remember that Black Lives Matter and that we begin to see the problems that Native Americans face daily with the rise of their protests and voices. Being Native American myself I hope you all back both with a fierceness that any racist should fear.

Here are the books I read for June 2020!

Monday’s not Coming

This book is written in the before, before the before and after. It follows Claudia as she talks about her best friend Monday Charles. She talks about her being her only friend and what it is like trying to find out where she is and why she disappeared. This book takes you on an emotional roller-coaster that makes you keep the tissues close.

I started listening to this book as an audiobook but I wasn’t listening like I wanted to so I found the book in the bookstore while I was hunting for some other books and quickly bought it. I have to say this woman writes some freaking good books. If you haven’t read any of her work yet then you need to. This woman writes that good. This book is definitely going to hurt your feelings and you will need tissues.

Claudia tries to find her best friend Monday after she doesn’t show up at school for the first day of school. The two have been friends for a long time and they were close or so Claudia thought. Even when discovering things she didn’t know Claudia doesn’t give up the search. She shows true friendship throughout the book but it is the ending that twists it. I read Allegedly by Tiffany D. Jackson as well so I should have been prepared for it but I wasn’t. I recommend this book with everything I have.

Five out of five stars!!

The Gilded Wolves

Those who compare this book to the Six of Crows is a fool. This book is definitely better. I will say the beginning was a little tough to start out with but once I got hooked I was done for. I liked the characters and I wanted to know what happens so bad I read the last chapter while I was in the middle of the book. I hardly ever do that.

I made a bad mistake with reading the end like I did because it just made the rest of the book more heightened. I enjoyed the mystery and intrigue in this book and cannot wait for the sequel. I will say the last chapter is curious and makes me wonder what that will reveal in the second book. I wonder if Séverin is a part of a different line so to speak and if his friend was another line. That is as much as I can say on that without spoiling the book.

Otherwise I do like how each character solves things in their own ways and that they seem to be equally smart. They each have their own strengths but can solve things on their own fairly easy. It is shown when they can solve one of the puzzles without the “ringleader”, Séverin. I also don’t understand why they think this is a Six of Crows remake when the two books are only similar by the fact a team of people solve something and are one the “wrong” side of the law. There is a lot of other things different. Maybe it is because they do not see themselves in the characters? I will say if the two went against each other The Gilded Wolves would win in my book.

I also like how the author put bits of history in the book that you don’t realize until after. You go through the book thinking certain things are just macabre. Then the author tells you the story behind them with her notes at the end. I learned something new that I didn’t even know. If you are curious pick the book up and give it a read. 🙂

Five out of Five Stars!


I have to say this book was a damn good read. The way the author wrote this is a freaking masterpiece. The twists that she puts in this book as it unfolds and it just drags you along just right. If this book doesn’t become a classic I would be extremely upset.

The whole book follows Mary B. Addison as everyone tries to figure out what happened to a white baby girl in the care of her and her mother. They try to understand why she didn’t say much or speak up for what had happened. She is convicted and when she gets put in a halfway house she finds the strength to speak up and try to get herself free. The ending just shocks you to your core and confirms that Tiffany D. Jackson is an amazing writer that needs to be praised.

I give this book Five out of five stars.

Murder on The Orient Express


I went to the library and borrowed this book as an audiobook. I don’t normally listen to audiobooks but this was one I listened to completely. This book was interesting and pretty good.

But I just couldn’t finish it. I got to the end of the book and lost interest by this point. This is the second book this year I have had this happen. I just thought it was drug out and to many what ifs and maybes. It didn’t do for me what crime books normally do. I usually get into the book and stay there. I normally don’t lose interest halfway through and stop caring what happens. 😦



3 out of 5 Stars.



I bought this book because I enjoyed The Cellar by Natasha but this book was not as great as that one for me. It left a little to be desired when she said she couldn’t remember before four years old. I don’t know about you but I cannot remember before four. It would have been better if the age timeline had been different. That and the boyfriend obviously is creepy and the girl is kind of childlike at 16.

Other than that this book was pretty good. The cult factor made it better for me since I am into things like Waco and Manson. So that made me enjoy this book a little more than most probably. I don’t recommend this book if the two or three factors will make or break it for you. I hope the next book I read by her is a little bit better.



I give this book four stars.

February Wrap Up

This month I read quite a few books and really don’t know how I found the time. It all flew by too quickly but they always say time flies when you’re having fun! This month I read a shocking (to me) seven books. Those seven books were (drum roll please):

  1. Helter Skelter: The Manson Murders
  2. A Star Called Henry
  3. Esme’s wish
  4. The attempted read of Obsidian
  5. Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
  6. All The Light There Was
  7. Dancing at Lughnasa

I have noticed a major shift in my reading. I noticed I prefer more Irish Literature and True Crime. I am not complaining since I am expanding what I read but it amazes me to look back and see this shift. It is always good to look back and see where you started and where you are going. 🙂

The Trespasser


I decided to read this book because I fell in love with Broken Harbor and can I just say WOW. I loved the main character and all the faults she had but most of all I love the twists Tana French can put in her stories of crime. She has a gift for making you see each suspect as the killer one at a time before she finally springs the actual killer on you. She throws hints don’t worry but if you get as wrapped up in the story as I do you won’t pay attention to them until she wants you to. Tana French has a gift and I can say I will be reading more of her books.

This story is about a female detective on the murder squad in Ireland who has a hard time in her job with the other guys and gets thrown a case of what looks like just a lovers tiff. Spoiler it is a lovers tiff but not like you expect and it isn’t what the lead detectives think either. They go back and forth with ideas of what could have happened but none of it seems to fit until finally they figure out their killer and it isn’t someone they expected at all. I recommend reading this book to find out more!

Broken Harbor



This novel was something I had to read for an Irish Literature class but I can honestly say that when I find time to hit up a bookstore that has her whole series I will be buying it. This book is what I would call an enthralling mystery that is a very good. I was caught in the storyline from the moment I opened the cover until I closed the book.

The storyline had you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happened next. The characters felt predictable but in the end, everything took a twist. Each time the detectives moved on to a new suspect it would make the reader think that that suspect was the one. You wouldn’t doubt their ability to know what was going on but you probably wouldn’t see the end coming because I know I didn’t. This is definitely a story for all the people who love to read mystery.