June Wrap-Up

Another Pride Month draws to an end. This month has been something else and we have really seen a lot of history begin to happen. I hope you remember that Black Lives Matter and that we begin to see the problems that Native Americans face daily with the rise of their protests and voices. Being Native American myself I hope you all back both with a fierceness that any racist should fear.

Here are the books I read for June 2020!

A Month of Poetry Blog Tour

One of the topics YA Indulgences brought to light that I am discussing today is What Poetry Means to Me.
So let us begin! 🙂
Poetry is not something I used to write. I use to write full stories or short stories but here recently I find it easier to write a poem to quickly get a story across. My uncle writes poetry so he pushes me to do better and to be better. He is an inspiration I have in my life to continue writing.
Poetry can be like writing a journal for me. Certain times in my life can be found in a poem I write. Even if a poem is not ‘perfect’ I can still keep it for later so I can refine it or have my uncle look at it.
Poetry means an escape for me since I can lose myself in writing and thinking. It is something I drew myself into slowly. Something I have slowly been opening up to other people about. Something I have been slowly publishing in various small things. Maybe one day I can be comfortable enough in my escape to share it with others so they can lose themselves in the story. I would love for poetry to mean something to other people as much as it does to me.
An example of my poetry:
Black Panther
We stand in front of the theater,
explaining to my friend
the social inequalities of gender and race.
One friend tells him his biracial cousin
was shot by a cop.
He stares at us, his deadpan expression.
The wonderful lady who set this blog tour up 🙂

Misplaced Monday #4

For the kickoff of National Poetry month, I am going to use a book I read in 2013 that is a story told in poems.


I do not remember much about this book but let’s go over what I do remember. I remember Ellen’s writing style. It was so unique to me when I read it. I had not seen a writing style like it and really haven’t seen one since. The Illuminae Files came close with some of their poems but it wasn’t identical.

I remember the main character was stuck on drugs and couldn’t bring herself off of them. If I remember correctly she ends up pregnant towards the end of the book.

This book was good but I gave it four stars? I do not remember why or if it was a mistake. But I did enjoy this book and can see myself rereading it. 🙂