Wrapping up January

In January I read five books.

  1. Broken Harbor
  2. The Dazzling Heights
  3. The Trespasser
  4. Theft by Finding
  5. The Hate U Give

My hope for the next couple of months is to get halfway through my reading challenge of 90 books. I also read two books for Shelflove Crate’s challenge. The two books were Theft by Finding and The Hate U Give.

I also visited five bookstores which can be found on my blog under Top Five Bookstores.

Here is the hope of many more books read and many more bookstores visited!

Reading Challenge


I follow this monthly book box company on Instagram, called Shelflove, who started a reading challenge at the beginning of the year. I didn’t buy the box with the challenge sheet in it but they willingly shared the list with anyone who wanted to print it themselves and join the challenge. I asked if they would send me the list and let me share it here with you and they said yes. So I am hoping you will join us in this challenge. I hope to blog more about this as I get through this challenge and challenge myself to more books and stories.