Top 5 Bookstores

So far this is the list of my top five bookstores!

  1. Blue Bicycle Books
  2. Ed’s Editions
  3. Trade A Book
  4. Books on Broad
  5. K’s Used books, CDs, DVDs, and More

Blue Bicycle Books

On King Street in Charleston, there is a bookstore called Blue Bicycle Books. This bookstore looks small from the outside but has depth. Within this bookstore, they have what I would call a shrine for Yall fest. You see they are a part of Epic Reads’ event in Charleston called Yall Fest. The interior took my breath away as I would like to believe it does to other people.

You see this bookstore has its own signature look of elegance. But who would expect anything else on King Street?

This bookstore has two big rooms full of books connected by a hallway. Within this hallway is three rooms. Each room is dedicated to certain genres and certain things. One is dedicated to wars and hunting, one is dedicated to children (with a teepee!), and the third is dedicated to something of a study room. I didn’t get to talk to the two girls behind the counter but they were nice to the other gentleman that came in to take photos.

This bookstore took my breath away so much that it now tops my list of favorite bookstores at number one.

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Trade a Book

Trade a Book has got to be the most unique bookstore I have been in so far. It is almost floor to ceiling books. It has to have a ton of books in it from all of the bookshelves and stacks of books. I was really shocked by the price range of the books. I think the highest price I saw on her chart was close to 8 dollars! (SOOOO MANY BOOKS)

I can honestly say that I loved this bookstore because the woman behind the counter was completely helpful and the number of books in this store. I did have to pass it about two times before I realized where it was so I would be careful when you travel to find it. Other than that I can say this was worth checking out and is now number three on my list of bookstores.

Charleston Bookstores

I traveled to Charleston, South Carolina to find a couple of bookstores I had marked on google maps and here is what happened.

  1. I found only three out of six bookstores I had hoped to find
  2. One was disappointing
  3. One now tops my list of bookstores to ever visit in South Carolina
  4. One was an awestruck of a bookstore
  5. I will try to find the last three bookstores again someday

Books on Broad

I traveled to Camden, South Carolina today to find a small bookstore in historic downtown Camden. This bookstore was established in June of 2012 according to their Facebook page. I can honestly say I liked the interior of the bookstore. I really liked that the coffee shop was in the back and not the centerpiece of the store.

I, unfortunately, did not buy any coffee or books while I was there but I did love the atmosphere of the store. The gentleman at the register did not know much about the store but he did say that he knew it was a book storage until they opened the bookstore. The front and back rooms hold the older books and the middle room holds the more modern books.

I will be back to do a full visit. One where I buy a book or maybe even a coffee and see how the store is but other than that I enjoyed the visit and the cashier was nice. This bookstore is on my radar from here on out.

Their website is

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Ed’s Editions

I went to West Columbia, South Carolina to discover a small bookstore called Ed’s Editions. This bookstore is one I have seen in the past in passing but never went inside to search the store for what goodies I may find. Today I went to take photos and look around. Here is what I found out about them:

  1. They opened their doors in 2001 (which is just 17 years ago!)
  2. This store is for used and collectible books
  3. They are two rooms full of books in a small ‘strip mall’
  4. One room used to be a pharmacy
  5. Both rooms still have the original molding on the ceiling from when the building was built
  6. They have a treehouse in the back! Who doesn’t love this idea?

I completely adored this bookstore from the moment I walked into Ed’s Editions to the moment I left. The staff was totally nice and was willing to let me walk around to take photos and they even offered up pieces of what is in the store to note. I even walked out with a signed book! Which only cost me $10! That is a bargain to me.

I can honestly say you should visit this store and all the goodies it has to offer.

Their website is

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