Misplaced Monday #1: Twilight

I can hear the collective groan as I do this review and post it. But I can say that I haven’t read this book since 2011 and thought it would be a good book to review for my first Misplaced Monday. I saw this idea on Merv Reads and I wanted to try it. The URL to her blog post I saw is: https://mervreads.wordpress.com/2018/03/05/misplaced-monday-5-paper-towns/


This book was something I read freshman year (? I may be wrong on my years) of high school. I loved the book when I read it and gave it five out of five stars but as I look back I groan at myself for even taking the time to read this book. (Stewart did NOT do justice to Bella.)

This book isn’t even something I would pick up to reread anymore which says something about my growth as a reader. It’s about a vampire and a human and the human has the worst luck possible and the vampire sparkles! I am sorry but I prefer my vampires not to sparkle.

I was caught up in the fandom at the time and I guess this is one of the prime examples of why I do not read books at the height of their fandom. I prefer to be unbiased when I read it so I can fairly judge the book for myself. Now that I look back I see how much this book was just another in a long line of books I read when everyone else was screaming over it. (*cough* Fifty Shades *cough*)

Does anyone else feel this way when they look back at books they have read?