February Wrap Up

This month I read quite a few books and really don’t know how I found the time. It all flew by too quickly but they always say time flies when you’re having fun! This month I read a shocking (to me) seven books. Those seven books were (drum roll please):

  1. Helter Skelter: The Manson Murders
  2. A Star Called Henry
  3. Esme’s wish
  4. The attempted read of Obsidian
  5. Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
  6. All The Light There Was
  7. Dancing at Lughnasa

I have noticed a major shift in my reading. I noticed I prefer more Irish Literature and True Crime. I am not complaining since I am expanding what I read but it amazes me to look back and see this shift. It is always good to look back and see where you started and where you are going. 🙂

Wrapping up January

In January I read five books.

  1. Broken Harbor
  2. The Dazzling Heights
  3. The Trespasser
  4. Theft by Finding
  5. The Hate U Give

My hope for the next couple of months is to get halfway through my reading challenge of 90 books. I also read two books for Shelflove Crate’s challenge. The two books were Theft by Finding and The Hate U Give.

I also visited five bookstores which can be found on my blog under Top Five Bookstores.

Here is the hope of many more books read and many more bookstores visited!

The Trespasser


I decided to read this book because I fell in love with Broken Harbor and can I just say WOW. I loved the main character and all the faults she had but most of all I love the twists Tana French can put in her stories of crime. She has a gift for making you see each suspect as the killer one at a time before she finally springs the actual killer on you. She throws hints don’t worry but if you get as wrapped up in the story as I do you won’t pay attention to them until she wants you to. Tana French has a gift and I can say I will be reading more of her books.

This story is about a female detective on the murder squad in Ireland who has a hard time in her job with the other guys and gets thrown a case of what looks like just a lovers tiff. Spoiler it is a lovers tiff but not like you expect and it isn’t what the lead detectives think either. They go back and forth with ideas of what could have happened but none of it seems to fit until finally they figure out their killer and it isn’t someone they expected at all. I recommend reading this book to find out more!

Broken Harbor



This novel was something I had to read for an Irish Literature class but I can honestly say that when I find time to hit up a bookstore that has her whole series I will be buying it. This book is what I would call an enthralling mystery that is a very good. I was caught in the storyline from the moment I opened the cover until I closed the book.

The storyline had you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happened next. The characters felt predictable but in the end, everything took a twist. Each time the detectives moved on to a new suspect it would make the reader think that that suspect was the one. You wouldn’t doubt their ability to know what was going on but you probably wouldn’t see the end coming because I know I didn’t. This is definitely a story for all the people who love to read mystery.