Something Blue?


Maybe it’s not really blue but a Mint color. I got the idea to do a couple of colorful blog posts from the wonderful book by Emily X.R. Pan called The Astonishing Color of After. In this book, the main character explains things in color.

For my first color, I chose a kind of light blue that ended up being a mint. The reason I chose this is because I am in a good peaceful place right now that I haven’t been in in quite a while and I want to share this good mood.

Mint for me means the beginning of summer. It means I get chocolate with mint attached. It means pure happiness and an electric high that only comes with summer. This color is one of my favorite colors.

I have a strange thing where I prefer to wear white or black and have my house or car be colorful. I am a blank canvas and my stuff is my paintbrush. This color is something I grab sunglasses the color of, something I find a journal in, and something I would find a background or cover for my electronic devices. These select things show this happiness and tell my mood to the world.

What is your color today?

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