Color Project

I did this color project for The Astonishing Color of after but also for pride month. Everyone knows the colorful flag as what it is Pride. But other than showing support in the form of colorful emblems and emoji’s I haven’t seen any projects that use colors to express feelings and memories. They haven’t taken the step beyond.

With this project, I took it a step further and took an idea from a book and tried to make the flag a real possibility. Something I hope next year to see more people doing or even the next couple of months. You don’t need an actual month to support it. You can do it when no one is looking and when no one expects it. I find myself surrounded by straights and LGBTQ people since I am part of the LGBTQ family.

These three colors were chosen by me because they are my favorite colors out of all the ones I could have chosen. That and I wanted to see if I could pick things that aren’t on the Pride flag but is in our everyday lives. Something we can see and relate to in different ways and in different memories. This was my project to share with you and I hope you enjoyed it.



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The Nerdy Elite

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